Straight Boy Doctor Z

Doctor Z. What a man. Spanish and Arab - a nice combo. Z's more than just your average straight guy...he's actually done a few skin flicks - his specialty the ability to make the ladies cum with his eight inch uncut sword. You may have seen him on some of the web's most popular internet sites. But when he's hard up for a little cash, and the sites aren't looking for male talent, he showed up at our doorstep, and we put him through the wringer. Sure, there were a few times he almost stormed off set because we needled him so much about his sexuality...and sure, he admitted to being at "a frat party" that got a little out of hand, and one of the frat boys made a move on him, but in the end, Dr. Z made it clear he loves women. You don't get to see what's going on behind the camera, but the only way we could get Z to unload a massive load across himself was to bring in a porno chick to play with herself...just so he could make that awful mess. Enjoy!
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